My approach can be described as phenomenological, whereby process and the relationship between intention and incidence are my primary lines of inquiry. My multi-scale paintings play host to a lexicon of shapes, marks and colours, that recede and amplify, in the pursuit of a charged and active abstract language.

Anthony Housman – Painter as mineralogist

‘In Anthony Housman’s work, there is always the sense that a new surface is trying to be created. Not just on a compositional level but on a broad aesthetic plane. There is a seductive mineral quality in the works, which seem to evolve within the canvas from areas of gaseous vapour to crystalline sharpness. Deeply considered swatches of paint are propped up by intermittent rods, pivotal structures punctuate space around which biomorphic, pseudo geometric forms play and dissolve. Delicate aggregates of gesture and strategic areas of ‘colour surprise’ combine to give the impression that, in certain areas, the paint itself has become mineralized. The paintings seem to hold secrets of a rare composite material, freshly discovered and ready for taxonomy.’

Dom Heffer, Artist. 2015